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Dehydrated Skin Symptoms and How to Fix It

Dehydrated Skin Symptoms and How to Fix It

Has someone told you that “You look tired”, yet you might be feeling fine?

What’s that all about?

Hearing something like that might be one of the quickest ways to feeling older than you really are. However, it’s something that can oftentimes be quickly remedied.

How Dehydrated Skin Can Make You Look Older

Many people don’t realize that dehydration is something that not only affects your organs, but also your skin and the most visible part of your body—your face. Young and youthful skin is associated with a clear complexion, plump and full of color. Anytime you incorporate discoloration, and/or dry and flaky patches, that reflects aging and might even be some sort of medical condition. If your doctor can rule out any medical conditions, then it can be assumed that the natural order of time is taking over, and changing the way you look. 

You don’t have to accept this! 

You’re Not Getting Older. Your Body is Just Thirsty!

If you’re experiencing dull and flaky skin and noticing dark circles around your eyes—even some fine lines, it might not be a sign of aging. It could very well be dehydration! Denying your body of the proper hydration can and will affect your skin. This can be reversed easily. Aside from increasing your intake of water, you’re still left to deal with your complexion. Water does wonders, but it’s not an overnight elixir. You will need a little something extra to bring your complexion back to it’s youthful-looking self!

Shop OC Facial Care Center Skin Care Products

The OC Facial Care Center stocks a selection of hydrating products that will clear up any dry skin symptoms you might have.

Our collection of iS Clinical skin care solutions is sure to quench dehydrated complexions. We recommend the following:

This moisturizing crème is formulated to provide your face with 24-hour hydration restoring your skin from dryness. This crème is the ideal anti-aging product that you want to add to your daily skin care regimen.

They say that the eyes tell all! After using this formula, they won’t tell your age! The retinol, peptides, antioxidants and Vitamin A, D, and C in this serum will turn back the clock of Father Time, diminishing those dark circles and reducing the look of Crow’s Feet.

While acne is associated with adolescence, it’s also an adult issue that even those with dehydrated skin battle on an ongoing basis. This youth serum not only treats dehydrated skin, but also acne providing the proper balance of oil to tighten pores while regenerating skin to look youthful and vibrant. 

OC Facial Care Center specializes in treating dehydrated skin. With two brick and mortar spas in the California area, we provide personalized skin care solutions for all different skin types. 

You also have the convenience of ordering our products online. Along with our line of iS facial care products, our own specialized line of OC Facial Care Products provides other skincare solutions. Visit our website to learn about all of the products and service we offer. Contact one of our representatives online or call 949-750-5970 today!

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