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Ultra Hydrating Serum Designed for Dry Skin

Ultra Hydrating Serum Designed for Dry Skin

In order to keep your complexion looking young and fresh, you must keep it hydrated. This might be a little difficult if you’re living in a region where the sun is always shining and the UV rays are glaring even when it’s cloudy. Cold weather can also harm skin cells, drying it out causing fine lines and wrinkles.

Whether your skin is exposed to cold or hot conditions, you need to keep it balanced with a decent amount of moisture.

OC Facial Care Center has created the perfect Ultra Hydrating Serum that is specifically designed to quench dehydrated skin and bring it back to life. You’ll be amazed at the instant results you’ll see with our hypoallergenic formula. With this serum, a little goes a long way. All you need is a couple of drops to impart all day moisture to your complexion. You’ll begin to witness those tale-tell signs of aging fade away thanks to the antioxidants and humectants.

What are humectants?

Humectants are molecules that attract and retains moisture, a key agent used in OC Facial Care Center’s Ultra Hydrating Serum. It is used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry as an active ingredient to penetrate through skin.

In addition to the humectants, this serum also includes palmitoyl tripeptide-28 to boost the support of healthy collagen.

We understand that too much oil can clog pores and cause unwanted acne. The mineral complex of Zinc PCA and Copper PCA is included in this serum to balance out the humectants, preventing your skin from becoming too oily.

Ultra Hydrating Serum is Great for Sunburn Prevention

Avoid the harmful UV rays that can cause scathing sunburns by applying a few drops of OC Facial Care Center’s Ultra Hydrating Serum. This will prevent your skin from drying out and burning, leaving aging sun marks. The antioxidants included in this hydrating formula will nourish the skin preventing any permanent free radical damage.

Since this is a booster, you can use this serum to supplement other skin care regiments. Although, it’s recommended that you inform your dermatologist about your current skin care regimen before using it.

Ultra Hydrating Serum is Free of Harmful Chemicals

This Ultra Hydrating Serum is free of parabens, oils, fragrance, and oil. You’ll find no artificial dyes in this serum. As aforementioned, it’s also hypoallergenic, so those with ultra-sensitive skin can rest easy knowing they shouldn’t have any radical reactions. Again, it’s recommended to consult your dermatologist.

OC Facial Care Center: Providing the Best in Skincare

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